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How to Penetrate your Market Automatically Targeting High End Mobile Devices?

HEM or High End Mobile Devices, are the latest most effective high targeting 'ROI' (Return on investment) base on online advertising through digital campaign including desktops, tablets and all mobile devices.

Now Lets talk about How to Penetrate your Market Automatically Targeting High End Mobile Devices? If you don't know Smartphone users is very popular in Europe country specially Italy and Spain and the third one is United state. Investor and Marketing promoter must know this kind of advertising that product will acquits directly to consumer that's why mobile marketing is very effective in terms of digital campaign.

How they work correctly?If you do have existing campaign target your products by completing the following,
In the Ad Groups or keyword tab underneath the graph click on the segment option. You will see options for Devices. Once you segment by this, you will notice the amount of traffic and cost from visitors who are clicking on your ads from their high end…

What is Fill Rate in Online Advertising and Mobile Advertising

Fill rate is referring formula to determined the total measures of performance, inventory, effectiveness, demands, supply on business, investment specially monitoring ROI, of advertising parameters.

How does fill rate uses in mobile advertising, typical advertising, outdoor adverting, and online advertising
This term relates to display advertising, and can be used to quantify the effectiveness of either a sales team or a network at maximizing the number of ads shown by a site. The formula used here is very simple:

Fill Rate = Ad opportunities successfully filled / Total ad opportunities

A 100% fill rate is optimal; that means that every time there was an opportunity to show an ad to a visitor, one appeared. A fill rate of less than 100% means that a failure to show ads at every opportunity resulted in at least some lost income.

A missed ad opportunity occurs when a page loads but no ad appears in one or more of the open ad positions. This may occur for several reasons, including:

Lack of de…

Google Rates and Adsense Publishers Release 1st Quarter advertisers and Revenue Stats 2015

Google Rates and Adsense Publishers Release Revenue and Advertisers Stats 1st Quarter 2015, The one complaint you will always see in a forum filled with Google AdSense publishers is that it is harder and harder to make good money from the AdSense publisher program. Every time Google releases earnings some publisher points out the aspects of the earnings release that relates to publishers.

Google Earnings Show Decline In AdSense Publisher Earnings, Google just announced its first quarter 2015 numbers.

Compared to the first quarter in 2014:Total advertising revenue increased 11%Google-owned site revenue increased 14%Partner revenue increased 1%Aggregate paid clicks increased 13%Paid clicks on Google sites increased 25%Paid clicks on partner sites decreased 12%Aggregate cost per click decreased 7%Cost per click on Google sites decreased 13%Cost per click on partner sites increased 2%Compared to the fourth quarter of 2014:Total advertising revenue decreased 5%Google-owned site revenue decr…