What Are Average CPM Rates 2013

Base on 2013 study about the average CPM rate it depends of what type of site niche, The standard average liquidate into advertiser and publisher is base on 60% publisher CPM rate against 40% advertiser rate.

Advertising Cost base on what are the entire Ad price per campaign, Like for example in media average CPM rate of Network Television, Cable Televison, Major Newspaper , Local Magazine , Billboard , World Wide Web, Direct Email , and Targeted Email .

Some Adnetwork gave for publisher of 70% while advertiser 30% out of 100% revenue share average in this year 2013. Just like Facebook Ads rate in advertiser 2012  is 11 percent ads targeted in US Users only.  Because of  TBG  Facebook advertising rate increase into 20% percent  in between of  first quarter and Fourth Quarter.

Advertising Average Cost for 2013 CPM Rates.

  • To calculate CPM you take the cost of the campaign divided by the impressions divided by 1,000.
  • [CPM = Ad Cost / (IMP/1000)] To calculate Ad Cost you take the CPM cost times 1,000 divide the impression number by that result. [Ad Cost = IMP / (CPM * 1000)] To calculate Impressions you take the Ad Cost divided by CPM multiply that number by 1,000.
  • [IMP = (Ad Cost / CPM ) x 1000]

2013 Media CPM Rate.

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Kofi Asirifi said...

Is there a way to calculate the same thing for apps? i.e. Path, Instagram, etc.

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