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29 April 2013

What is CPX Interactive Standard CPM Rate,

by : What's Advertising CEO  |  in Standard CPM Rate at  4:35 PM

CPM Rate by CPX Interactive depending of what type of ad campaign your profit will be increased.


Types of ad serving cpx interactive stand type frame, popup, banner, slider and banner ads.

728x90 banner X 1000 Impression = $0.15-0.20
336x280 X 1000 Impression = $0.30-35
Banner Ad type + Pop Unders X 1000 Impression = $0.60-70.

CPXi Publishers Tips,

Profit ad serving cpx interactive com st ad type for i frame - Earnings per banner ads is not very effective in one banner ads much better put 3 Banner Ads/pages in that way more earnings/views.

My team  look advertisers and it seems they have got some advertisers that are now paying around $2 - 2.80 / banner CPM.

Earning around $1 - $1.40 CPM per banner, popup, iframe ad through combination of 3 banners on each page (one of each format) giving me a page earning average of $3 - $4.20 CPM for banner ads.

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