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What is the Truly function Content Keyword

Keyword RelevantThe Truly Function of the keyword of your posted article content in your website is only determine what kind of website/niche categories ads flow must be very important by displaying relevance from your keywords,
Keywords and Importance of Keywords in SEOUtilizing the right keywords on your site is the indispensable first stage in successful internet searcher optimization (SEO). The web search tool then returns with a rundown of site pages, with substance that identifies with the catchphrase utilized.

It’s true that writing quality posts will help you to drive traffic but have you ever imagined why you are still not ranking in Google for any keyword or why your quality post will stop getting traffic after some time. One simple thing to understand, Google bot is machine which uses an algo to rank any site for particular keyword. Now, there are many factors which impact your ranking but the first way to get any ranking in Google for target Keyword. Later on you can work…