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Adsense Contextual Alternative ADS

Adsense Contextual Alternative ADS? Use this option Alternative Contextual Advertising Platforms to Supplement Your AdSense,

When starting out with your online business, conventional wisdom will advise you to set up a Google AdSense account so you can monetize your site or blog. This ad platform will allow you to feature ad blocks at specific parts on the pages of your site. Once your visitors click on these ad units, you will earn a nominal fee for driving traffic to your advertisers. The more visitors who click on your ads, the more money you will receive.

Sounds simple in principle, but the truth of the matter is that earning lots of money through AdSense is difficult to pull off.

The problem with AdSenseThe first thing you have to worry about is increasing ad impressions to boost click-through rate (CTR). This can only be done if you drive thousands and millions of visitors to your site and if the ad units are placed on optimum parts of the page.

Therefore, aside from performing diffe…


The China expansion of IDG TECH NETWORK Digital Advertising ASIA's Marketing,

What is IDG TECHNETWORK? - Tech Audiences United. IDG TechNetwork provides first to market advertising solutions for technology marketers with one goal in mind – They are keeping clients one step ahead of the rapidly evolving digital market. The company are also experts in identifying and reaching all segments within the technology marketplace and take pride in connecting marketers with the largest and most enthused technology audience across the web.

The IDG TechNetwork, a rapidly growing global online ad network,
Expanded its operations to China this month, furthering its commitment to a market where parent company International Data Group (IDG) has had a presence for 34 years. With the launch of IDG TechNetwork China, IDG adds its expertise in data-driven marketing and premium programmatic buying to a portfolio of more than 60 Chinese language magazines, newspapers and websites.

As the first global techno…