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Pixelads Media affiliate network review.

You know what every publisher is afraid of? To get shaved. Not literally, of course He’s afraid to get shaved by the affiliate network he/she works with.

Seriously, when i got shaved for the first time, i googled the problem and saw that a lot of publishers face the same fraud. It’s so undermining.

As more and more people join the publishers army trying to make some extra money, huge networks often feel that there’s nothing wrong to shave another customer.
They feel that internet is like a spring, you know, making new publishers every day, and that it’ll never stop producing them.
 And partly they are right. There are a lot of publishers. But they are not infinite.

So why do they shave customers?
Well it’s pretty easy actually. You see, there’s actually no affiliate networks rating, where you can vote, and place your review, so that the community of publishers stayed away from one or another network. So once the network gains reputation good enough to work worldwide, no bad review can sink…

Which is most high paying rate Popads or Revenuehits

There are millions of bloggers, online entrepreneur, and professional webmasters looking for pop-under ads who guaranteed that, this company pay their publishers into high paying cpm rate.

Today let's talk about PopAds and Revenuehits, Is this two online advertising network familiar in your language in online industry?.

We will find that if,  Who is the most high paying rate adnetworks .

Revenuehits is created last July 10, 2010 while PopAds is also created in the year of 2010 in a month of May 16, both of them is registrar by Enom domain name company. Wow its really amazing that this two millioner company operating online business is terrific in terms of Popunder advertising.

Revenuehits and Popads is the number one adsense alternatives after is not getting higher rate revenue share according their publisher reports.

Now Let's talk about the difference and advantages of this two big mama online advertising company. Revenuehits isn't totally strict for those publish…