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What is the Trully Function Content Keyword

Keyword Relevant The Truly Function of the keyword of your posted content in your website is to determine what kind of website do you have or kind find your high niche cpm keyword do your site categorize , so that Robot will bring your site into the top.

 The most keyword relevance contains two short term the long-tail keyword or the short tail keyword this is the best way of being popularity of your website,
Content Keyword

Which means the keyword of every post you made of your website is the best method strategy and very important on how your site being popular and rank in search engines. For every Web Master you must know and always examine your website,about how your website crawl for every keyword query You must check your daily popular post and then post again the same niche of your popular post. Don't post any niche content ,you must concentrate what kind of your niche discovered by search engine. If you can't do the manual keyword SEO you can use Keyword tool for "Researcher: A Long Tail Keywords Generator Tools. Keyword Competition: The Ultimate Guide to Competitive, The simple strategy is the hardest way but effective.

This is the simplest way "Keywords Learn Where and How to Put Keywords of you post content.
Example: Content Keyword,

Content Keyword

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