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What Kontera CPM Rate?

Kontera Publishers are doing great about Kontera CPM rates 2013, Kontera CPM - Cost Per Mile really increases as this year not only Kontera pay for publisher CPM, Also CPC-Cost per Click, PPC-Pay per Click.

Kontera CPM Rates 2013.

Due to Kontera Best 2013 CPM rate ad network also advance Txtlink advertising, Kontera also easy to integrate ads into your blog/commercial website, Including this Blog plugin platform like , Blogspot, Wordpress, Joomla, and Drupal. Most of all Kontera is very high CPM rate according to a local 2013 survey of siteadwiki. This will be the formula on how Kontera pays a best CPM rate to Ad Publisher, Compare this fill rate to the other in-text Advertising,

Try to earn much more 3 times in Kontera,

  • How you do it?
Kontera Pay CPM+CPC+PPC= Earnings Example Kontera CPM Rate CPM $1 + 50x ($ 1.00 CTR) + $ .02/PPC = Income/Day
Let you know this,
  • Kontera reaches over 170 million consumers a month,
Therefore Kontera pays CPM Rate depending on what types of content your website is?.

Best Advisable CPM Advertising to your Business


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