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Admob Earnings per Impression

AdMob Earning Metrics Solution Guide,

How does AdMob Mobile Advertising pay impression to publishers or web developers sharing revenue?.

admob earnings per impression 2013

AdMob Banner Singleton,

AdMob - Best pay on CPC not in the impression if you are using banner Ads.
AdMob - eCPM numbers are calculated based upon the amount of click revenue you have generated per thousand impressions. Honestly you will get multiple impressions but it will not increase your revenue share. In fact it will probably lower your eCPM.

Admob Android Removal Tutorial Guide,

What's About Admob?

AdMob only pays on a click basis (PPC), you would not get any $ earnings if no one clicks even with thousands of impressions you get.
Using iAd you would be paid per impressions as well as per click. To use both iAd and AdMob when iAd is not available (still low fill rate) you may implement AdWhirl.

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AdMob Average Click Trough Rate (CTR) and (eCPM )are riding the same curve,
As we stated in the previous post and as we will see in this one, "The CTR is strongly influencing the eCPM value".

The CTR (Click-Through Rate) is the percentage of clicks over impressions.
The eCPM (Effective Cost-Per-thousand (Mille) impressions) is the cost of a thousand ad impressions (across CPC and CPM).

Duration: ~30 days (2013/05/01 - 2013/05/30)
Population: > 5000 active installs
Impressions: ~59k

Ad network: AdMob
eCPM vs CTR across time

Classified SiteAds | Youtube CPM

Top Online CPM Site |Average CPM Rate | TribalFusion CPM Rate
Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

AdMob CPM & CPC chart stated the fact,

[ 2013/05/01 - 2013/05/12 ] 12 days (before the switch - refresh 42s)
Revenue: 7.7$
eCPM (avg): 0.19$
Impressions: 39k
Clicks: 214

[ 2013/05/14 - 2013/05/25 ] 12 days (after the switch - refresh 120s)
Revenue: 6.7$
eCPM (avg): 0.55$
Impressions: 12k
Clicks: 222

Help Tips - Day when the refresh switched (2013/05/13) is excluded

AdMob CPM & CPC chart stated the fact, Using the slowest refresh rate (e.g. 120s) helps to increase the eCPM but the number of impressions is so much reduced that it counterbalances the effects of a higher eCPM. At the end, despite having a higher CTR and a higher eCPM, the revenue was lower than the first period of time.

Admob Revenue share metrics,

Network requests: The number of times your admob no clicks app requests to show an ad.
Impressions: The number of times ads are shown on your app.
Fill rate: The number of times ads are shown on your app, divided by the number of times your app requests to show an ad (e.g. 100 impressions / 1,000 requests = 10% fill rate)
Clicks: The total number of times ads shown on your app are clicked by users.
CTR (click-through rate): The number of times ads on your app are clicked on divided by the number of times ads are shown on your app. Example: 10 clicks/ 1,000 impressions = 1% CTR

How is Android Ad Revenue Calculated,
Revenue: The amount of money you earn from your apps
eCPM: Effective cost-per-thousand impressions is an indication of developer or publisher earnings per thousand ad impressions. eCPM is calculated as (revenue / impressions) x 1000. (e.g. $10 revenue / 10,000 impressions, your eCPM is $1).


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