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Chitika High Paying CPM Keyword Niche

Top Chitika High Paying CPM Keywords Niche list,

 Chitika High Paying CPM Keyword

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How to increase your'e CPC rate,CPM rate, to increase Chitika ad publisher.

  1. Your web-site at least 90% major unique visitors at this following countries-US,UK,CA,FR,DE,IT,) 100% your CPC rate will be an increase.
  2. Your blog must need good amount of traffic to have more clicks and more payments. This is just additional payment. Because you do not need to do a lot of hard work to get approved in Chitika. I am sure it will also increase the payment day by day.
  3. If your Traffic major in ,US,CANADA, Try to use a niche like this, Computers, Plasma TVs, Insurance, Real State, Telecom Services, Banks, and Consumer Services.
  4. Chitika ad's work with google so they are great because you pretty much can double down on your money. Also, google has a longer approval process than Chitika. You can pretty easily double down your money with very little work using both Chitika, and google Adsense.
  5. Use Sky Banner right side of the website and also used that long time do not change it.
  6. If the traffic is from high paying countries which is not enlisted in Chitika, they will show back-fill of Chitika.
  • Chitika best focus high paying niche keyword like Insurance, Computers, Plasma TV,and you will earn much more than this - $200.
  • Chitika CPM, CPC, PPC Advertising Rates and Revenue share between Publisher standard average almost 70% revenue earning , Standard average of - $0.30 to $0.60, Highest premium CPC rate up to $3 / click.


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