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Mobile Advertising Average CPM Rates

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Publisher only get paid when user click on your ads, but several months ago i start to search both CPC revenue and CPM revenue in admob report, We knew publisher also get paid by ad impressions. Although in this case, the CPM (about 0.02~0.10) is much lower than cpc.  Publisher think the actual situation should depend on how the advertiser setup their ad campaigns originally. Even though MobFox is the number 1 mobile advertising in Europe , AdMob also best paying ads in Europe – eCPM about $3-5.

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Mobile advertising is such a nightmare these years, with terribly low revenue and click-through rates crippling both commercial companies and indie developers.

However, more and more remarkable advertising networks are rising, offering a great variety of monetization models to help developers maximize the revenue of their mobile apps, and yet most of us only know about AdMob.

Top paying best cpm mobile rate network in line of Online Mobile Advertising Business. Site Adwiki currently search the pure top mobile cpm rate, They pay high revenue share to high cpm countries mobile ad-network.


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