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Millennial Media - Average Earnings per CPC/CPM

Millennial Media - mobile Advertising solutions absolutely high earning average rate in CPC and CPM .
If you are mobile developer best option Millennial Media Mobile Ads as publishers CPM rate for standard average rate it cost around $.30/1000 page-views, But if you are Millennial Media Ads premium rate developers your ad revenue per CPM Cost $.50/1000 ad views.

Millennial Media Mobile Ads Difference -  Mobile advertising type millennial media is self service mobile advertising network , Easily put money earned from monetizing applications with Millennial Media toward mobile advertising efforts to improve app discovery and increase downloads, Leverage a variety of targeting to ensure advertising messages reach the right mobile users.

Developers can select from Millennial Media's suite of advertising solutions to achieve monetization and marketing goals for their apps.
  • Millennial Media Premium Ads
  • Third Party Ads
  • Enables House Ads
  • Allows Client Ads

Millennial Media - OFFER INNOVATIVE 3-IN-1 SDKS,
Millennial Media's premium brand video, rich media, and banner ads in their apps through one SDK.
  • Drive Interactive Video Ads
  • Display Rich Media Ads
  • Allow Animated or Static Ads
millennial media average cpm rate

Millennial Media - Average Earnings per CPC/CPM Statistic Inventory,

Highest Revenue Inventory of Millennial based on US,UK,EUROPE,traffic only
  • $1.00-1.25/CPM
  • 40% - 47% Publisher Ad Revenue Share
Millennial Media - Supported Mobile Platform,
  1. iOS
  2. BlackBerry
  3. Android
Millennial Media - Supported Ad Formats,
  1. Banner
  2. Interstitial
  3. Video



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