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Which is the best Mobile Ad provider ?

I have some applications in the play store, and to get some money and going on developing I decided to insert some ad banners. After a bright start, the eCPM went so low that I am seriously thinking to forget about banner...
but I like the idea of giving free apps so I ask to anyone who had experience with advertisement on the field for a suggestion: my user base is worldwide: US, India, Italy, Spain, Brazil are the strongest. I have more or less 2K Requests a day, and an eCPM of 0,5 USD. Right now I use adMob and Millenial Media.

Lets Ask This?

Which provider would you suggest ?
What is the average eCPM that you have with your apps ?
 best mobile ad provider

Experienced Suggestion 1,
Let reveal the network I am using in my app because revealing the eCPM might violate the terms of use.
What I can say is the fill rate is good (about 80%) but the eCPM is horrible. If you are getting $0.50 eCPM then you need to stay with your current provider. That is about 20 times what I am seeing for location based ads.

Experienced Suggestion 2,
AdMob is easy to use and integrate in your app... if you are integrating ads for the first time try it out. I love their HTML control panel on mobile devices: always open on my mobile to check the daily trend.

Experienced Suggestion 3,
Mobile ad network that may be right for you.
Our eCPM is above $3 (depending on the regions of your users- for US traffic, eCPM is above $5) and we utilize your entire user base so you have an opportunity to earn larger sums.

Experienced Suggestion 4,
On various components such as geographic location of your end users, this can effect the results quite significantly, if you're all US then you are in great shape, if you're pushing a large amount of Vietnam for example, not so good. We do serve ads in many countries but unfortunately it's currently not possible to find good advertisers for every country. Also, where you place the offers is a factor.

Our platform is a popup that gives users various types of offers,you control where they popup, in a game it might be at the end of a level for example, so the frequency and placement play a role.For an average app, without going to crazy on pushing ads because nobody wants to annoy their end users you should be able to generate the average $5 ecpm

As far as integration goes, it's just one line of code to make the offers appear, all cut and paste. If you are interested in trying it out feel free to private message me and I'll make sure you are immediately set up



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