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Medianet CPM Rate

Being Ad Publishers is the best and good choices, Because you are in good hands in terms of publishing Ads, like bloggers or any web entrepreneur of Adnetwork powered by Yahoo and Bing Ads.

Choosing is the best alternative on Adsense Banned and here's the thing, you can use Adsense and in same website to earn much more revenue income according to your site traffic.

How to get Approval?

You will only get Approval if your site has high traffic, qualify content and most of all your site Traffic must be targeting source from US/ UK/ Canada. CPM Rate, earning bid based on CPC (Cost per Click) , CPM (Cost per Impression) , CPA (Cost per Action) and most of all RPM (Revenue per Impression). become most popular for advertisers and thousands of ad publishers within few years and makes satisfying best place in advertising and ad publishing through online services. is not bad than you think, In order to make more money on you need to increase your site/blog impressions, plus search engine high paying keywords, create a content with much more advertisers, Place 3 to 4 types of ad units in every site page, to increase the rate of your RPM/CPM - Revenue Per Impressions/Cost Per Impressions.

Base on Publishers experienced,

The 45 day average RPM/CPM (Revenue/Cost per thousand impressions) was around $1.15. In other words, if I had 10,000 page views, Publishers cpm rate revenue for the banner ad on the'  yahoo adnetwork/medianet adnetwork ' comes out to 10,000/1,000 X $1.15 = $11.50 a month.

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Rich Media Ad Network, High Paying CPM Rate Keywords,

Select the high paying niche keywords to become successful in Adnetwork
  • Advertising
  • Car Loan
  • Health Insurance
  • Mortgage
  • Credit Loan High Paying Countries,

Things you should know about how to increase your ad on Yahoo CPC rate in you must have some traffic from below countries.

How to Get Approve on Media.Net,

Based on personal experience, getting approve on is not as hard approval compared to Adsense. Its just a simple one way process like submitting your site and fill out personal information and website information, after that, viola! Ads start showing on your site.


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