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What are Top Legit Email Paid Surveys Online?

Online entrepreneurs always seeking what are the most easy making money online?, When you are at this point you should search what are the most legitimate email marketing, paying surveys, legal extra income, My company SiteAdWiki always help our online neighbors for seeking an extra income online.

Although paid surveys are a great opportunity to make a little extra sum of money, one can never be too sure if he or she is selecting the right surveying website. Meaning to say, a person interested in participating in paid research is always dubious as to how legitimate the website is. Keeping this in mind, I bring you the top ten research companies that are one hundred percent genuine and legitimate.


The Pinecone Research Company is hard to join because it is through invitation only. People who already have been joined the website can invite other people to join and sometimes the website posts sign up opportunities for the people interested. The company sends out surveys once or twice a month to its panelists and rewards $3 per survey through PayPal. The panelists also have the choice to opt for other rewards from a product catalog. At times they mail products for their panelists.


American Consumer Opinion is open to everyone around the world. They offer their panelists questionnaires several times a year. Each paid survey is either rewarded with points, cash or other rewards although mostly points. When anyone has accumulated 1000 points, he can redeem them for money; 1 point is equivalent to 1 penny. This paid survey company pays with a check through regular mail. For people outside United States, the check is in their national currency.


Opinion Outpost is another surveying website that rewards with many prizes. Every survey the user complete will entitle them to a certain numbers of points. Those points in turn can be redeemed for Amazon gift cards, iTunes gift cards or cash which is paid through PayPal.

4. My Survey

This is one of the best legitimate paid survey sites I know. It rewards its panelists with points that can be redeemed for anything in the Rewards Catalog. Some of the rewards they offer are cash through PayPal, Macy’s gift cards, Amazon e-certificates and Bloomin’ Brands restaurant gift cards. I highly recommend this company. They are one of these that actually pay cash.

5. iPoll,

iPoll is an online and mobile community that thrives on feedback from consumers. They offer rewards of up to $5 for just signing up! They offer a diverse reward program featuring magazines’ subscription, Amazon gift cards, Visa credit, cash through PayPal, airline miles etc. Once a minimum requirement of redeeming rewards is achieved, a redemption button becomes active. Redemptions can delay three to four weeks to be completed. For further information, go to Ipoll, register and start making money.


Inbox Dollars is free to join for everyone. They are one great paid online surveys company. It also offers a starter bonus which is an amount you receive for simply registering to the website. It also encourages a referral program where panelists are rewarded for getting other people to join. Each survey is rewarded with $0.50. Tasks can include playing games on the website or surfing the internet or signing up promotional campaigns on partner websites such as Netflix, Target, and other. To request a check, a people have to have minimum $30 in total. First checks can take up to 30 to 60 days to get processed.


Vindale Research, offers cash to users with minimum threshold of $50. They offer other ways to make money such as referrals, submitting payment photograph and interacting with advertisements.


Users are rewarded with cash on Valued Opinions. The minimum amount required for redemption is $20. Other rewards include e-certificates and gift cards. Go to Valued opinion site for further details.


Offers its panelists MyView points (MVP) for every survey; $$20 worth of MVPs are required as a minimum threshold to redeem rewards. These include Visa prepaid card, gift cards, sweepstakes entries etc. Members also have opportunities of product testing. Go to their site for more information. They are the only one legitimate paid survey panel that offer points when you are disqualified. This is a great way to value your time.


Only Cash Surveys offers users a $5 head start for registering. They pay with cash through PayPal when a minimum of $50 is reached. Many people prefer it, because of their name. No one complete surveys for prizes. Most of the people complete surveys for money.


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