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Brazil Mobile Average Ad Rates CPM

Brazil Mobile CPM Ad Rate,

Brazil is top 4 list most highest mobile phone users in whole over 273,583,000 mobile phone users, according their population of 201,032,714 date evaluation of March 2014, SiteAdWiki research that Brazil cost per app install average of $0.51 and the CTR ad rates of 0.21% , App Installed Rate of 0.034% and CPC cost of %0.08, Mobile Brazil cost per page like $0.32 and Page like Rate of 0.080%, But Brazil Mobile average CPM/Thousand impression/ad rate as much as higher of $0.34.

Good news for Mobile Publisher,
Canada and the United States are the most expensive targeted countries within the region, with KPIs 50%+ higher than average across the board.

Good news of Mobile advertisers,
Clicks and impressions are very affordable in Venezuela, Brazil and Argentina

List of Brazil Mobile Ad Rate Alternative

Countries Latest Reports of Mobile average App Rates Installation Cost
countries cost per app install

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Contextual Ad Network | Video Ad Network | Rich Media Ad Network,

Brazilian Social Media Average Ad Rate,

APAC region sees high CTR (61% above average), and Page Like Rate is 35% above average . Yet in terms of cost in APAC, CPC is
21% above average, CPM is 39% above average and Cost per Page Like is 26% above average .
• EMEA region has a 55% higher CTR than the Americas, as well as a 15% below-average CPC and 29% below-average CPM .
EMEA also the cheapest in Cost per App Install and Page Like .
• The Americas and APAC also have high Page Like Rates, but they are a more expensive region than EMEA.

Brazil and more across Latin America. Hands also designs, develops and operates mobile sites.

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