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Chitika Click Rate

Chitika Internet Marketing Ad,

Best ppc advertising network targeted traffic in 3 countries like United States, Canada and Europe. Chitika CPM, CPC, PPC Advertising Rates and Revenue share between Publisher standard average click rate almost 70% revenue earning , Standard average click rate of - $0.30 to $0.60, Highest premium CPC rate up to $3 / click.

Website Internet Marketing is very effective online rate advertising specially for pay per click search engine advertising because of advertisers pay only for every click made by researcher and also advantage to an individual chitika ad publishers increase click rate traffic to your website base on online marketing services.

Chitika provides pretty reasonable payments advertising rates in Chitika high paying keywords and revenue share at $0.02-$0.06 to average of $0.30 to $0.60, Highest $3 or premium CPC rate.

Chitika High PPC targeted traffic

If your Site Traffic major in ,US,CANADA, Try to use following chitika niche , Computers, Plasma TVs, Insurance,Real State,Telecom Services,Banks, and Consumer Services.


Chitika advertising pay very low rates in non premuim countries,
Receive +5000 impressions and 4 hits and my earning is only $0.03 , Use adhitz instead they have min. cpc click rate $0.028.


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