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Does Youtube Monetization Pay you on CPV - Cost Per View?

Advertising in Youtube is the best way if your planning to invest online marketing, digital marketing,
Their are many different types of YouTube AD campaign like Banner, Search, and Trueview Ads campaign.
YouTube Advertising,

The Standard CPC rate of your video campaign advertising in YouTube is depending of your campaign budget maybe daily,or monthly budgets, But when you invest to advertise of $250 possibly your CPC rate is $0.57. The computations between ad network , advertisers and publishers.

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Youtube Average CPM/CPV Rate

Youtube is number 1 most popular online broadcasting video hosting company, They had pageviews over 1 Billions/day very impressive for online entrepreneur advertisers and publishers , But in this case you should know also what is the average monetization rate of their videos.

Youtube advertising is very expensive compare to other adnetwork, But When you spent budget in YouTube your in the right place, Youtube guaranteed your ad effectiveness , a bit of time working through the targeting options – which are robust – and set up campaign to run through your budget as quickly as the network would allow. You ended up spending the $250 in roughly 2 hours.

Youtube Ad rate, Is base on CPV - Cost per view , CPC - Cost per click averaging about $0.04/click each, have view/click traffic data that is up to the hour and provide a 20 percent increase in effectiveness compared to only viewing the ad offline.

Ad Tracking is similar to AdWords as well, Conversions can’t be tracked since the viewer is only watching a video, not clicking through to a site. However, Negative terms will vary, since YouTube is more of a direct news source than Google. The best way to figure out which negatives to add is to closely monitor the campaign in the first few weeks to weed out any odd queries triggering your ad.

YouTube Guaranteed, YouTube's first serious attempt to monetize web video -- text overlays -- is still the most effective, with click-through rates that are eight to 10 times higher than other ad formats, according to the company.



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