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What YouTube Monetization Rates?

Default YouTube Monetization,

How Much Does YouTube monetization rate publishers partner payments? YouTube Revenue rates for Publishers is depending of video categories just like article content advertising, most high paying per click cost rate is business, loan and mortgage site niches.

YouTube Video Monetization Rates,

Possible Equation of Business Videos from publishers - 1400 views per month and about $10 earning per month . However, they creating videos for consulting business not to be rich on YouTube.

As what we say YouTubers income is it depends on how many viewers watch your video and the advertisement.

There are 2 types of payments YouTube offers,

1. Cost per thousand (CPM) - (You'll get paid per 1000 views)
2. Count per click (CPC) - (which the video viewer views the ad placed on your video and you'll get paid)

The payment ranges from a few cents to $5.

YouTube Monetization Rates

To get paid YouTube

- You'll need to enable monetization on your videos
- Have a verified Google AdSense account linked to your channel
- Have an active bank account
- Agree to the Terms & Conditions and the Monetization Policy


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