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Commercial Marketing Average Cost of TV Advertising 2015

How are television ad rates calculated?, Average advertising rate for Digital TV - Are you planning to advertise your brand, services, products, in most powerful media advertising like television, My team say " your in a good hands " Base on online data report tv advertising is the number 1 source of marketing sales, But very highest cost rate like commercial, 30 second video ad, per-roll video ad, mid roll, and other categories of local , national and international broadcasting television companies.
Commercial Marketing

The Basics of Advertising on Television

Like all good marketing, It's best option if your national tv commercials communicating what are offering and why it's value to the viewer. Be direct to point in describing what you do and let the television commercial reinforce your brand's positioning and essence. Needless to say, it's also great to include a call to action of some kind.

There's an art to making a television commercial. Good television advertising combines action, motion and intrigue to attract attention and sustain interest. As you probably know if you watch television, the best television advertisements use a storytelling technique, both for entertainment value and to make a point. Before you run a television advertising campaign, run your commercials by some of your prospects and make sure that the ads are effective brand marketing must know average price for 30 seconds commercial slots 2015 . No sense wasting money on TV ads that don't work!

How much TV Ads Airing Cost in United State?

United State TV Ads Airing Price Tariff 
Local Station 30-second commercial slot Package - $90 -  $300 
National Station
3 Month Economic Package - $250,000 - $400,000
Native TV Stations - $200 - $1,500/30 second video spot
Popular TV Stations - $342,000/30 second video spot
International Broadcasting  $1,500/day x 30 days = $450,000 - $1.5 Million
 Total cost airing TV ad spot

National TV Spots will Cost more Money, 

It's not a bad idea to create a virtual national TV spot : Hooking up with many local cable channels or advertising local on national cable channels. But if you have to buy commercials on a national network, you can still get some good bargains on national TV spots. Just keep asking the sales representative this question:

How can we advertise on TV for less money?.

United State National TV Show Airing Ad  Slot Cost
Week Night 30 Second Ad Slot
-  $467,617 Airs time ad display , " American Idol ", 
Week Night 30 Second Ad Slot
- $264,575 Airs time ad display ," The Voice ".

Week Night 30 Second Ad Slot
- $326,260 Airs time ad display ," How I Met Your Mother", " NCIS ".
Week Night 30 Second Ad Slot
- $231,532 Airs time ad display ," The Simpsons".

Top Largest Businesses are starting to use more 60-second commercials ads,  The length of choice for most commercials is still 30 seconds video ads. In most markets, you have the ability to run a combination of ads--that is, you can mix 10-second or 15-second ads with your 30-second hot spots, which you are permissive by allowing you to increase the number of times your ad display is seen without the higher cost time slot of paying for all 30-second ads.

Advertisers Best Time Slot for Ads Display

One good way to capture a lot of people watching at a particular time is to run an ad during the
  •  6pm - News - Most Expensive Airing Ads Time Slot
  •  7 pm - News - Most Expensive Airing Ads Time Slot
  • 11 pm - News
News on all your local news stations on the same day. That delivers your message, just about everyone watching the news at that time, Best tips choose the best time that suit or relevance to your audience or viewers impact.
National & International TV Show Ad Slot Price Tariff
Sunday Fight Night FootBall NBC - $593,694 / 30 second advertising slot
American Idol FOX - $355,943 / 30 second advertising air time slot
The Big Bang Theory CBS - $316,912 / 30 second advertising air time slot
The Voice NBC - $294,038 / 30 second advertising air time slot
American Idol Results FOX - $289,942 / 30 second advertising air time slot
Modern Family ABC - $281,951 /30 second advertising air time slot
The Voice Results
NBC - $278,987 /30 second advertising air time slot
New Girl FOX - $236,857 /30 second advertising air time slot
The Simpsons FOX - $231,532 /30 Second advertising air time slot
The Following FOX - $211,832 /30 second advertising air time slot

Conclusion that the most highest air time ad slot in television advertisements specially in " Prime Time period " is " Sports"  category like SuperBowl , most americans like sport.

What The Best Date When Buying Television Ads?

Advertiser must know by negotiating what time or date exactly your ad campaign run active before signing the contract. Typically most of tv stations discounting 5%  to 10% for annual and 6 month booking contract. Sometimes be wise when negotiating don't accept these as "big deals" when negotiating during the first quarter. You'll get that consideration anytime.


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