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26 February 2016

Pixelads Media affiliate network review.

by : What's Advertising CEO  |  in Pixelads Media Review at  7:49 AM
You know what every publisher is afraid of? To get shaved. Not literally, of course He’s afraid to get shaved by the affiliate network he/she works with.

Seriously, when i got shaved for the first time, i googled the problem and saw that a lot of publishers face the same fraud. It’s so undermining.

As more and more people join the publishers army trying to make some extra money, huge networks often feel that there’s nothing wrong to shave another customer.
They feel that internet is like a spring, you know, making new publishers every day, and that it’ll never stop producing them.
 And partly they are right. There are a lot of publishers. But they are not infinite.

So why do they shave customers?

Well it’s pretty easy actually. You see, there’s actually no affiliate networks rating, where you can vote, and place your review, so that the community of publishers stayed away from one or another network. So once the network gains reputation good enough to work worldwide, no bad review can sink it. Not even a thousand of them.



So, how to manage a problem?

And the answer is at the surface of a problem: you have to find a network that is only starting up and doesn’t have a luxury of losing publishers without feeling it. These networks work their asses of to build reputation and gain trust of publishers.

That is why I chose to work with PixelAds Media.

This network is young, ambitious, ready to work with every publisher, they give high rates, fair revshare and are ready to kick your profits up if you do right by them.

I work with them for two months now and I’ve never regretted it so far. Since the first test their support was doing everything for me to make the best out my websites, I got a significant bonus at the end of last month just for being loyal to them. That’s what I call a good service.



To sum up. I’ll continue to work with PixelAds Media, until they start to shave. If you want to join the network, just proceed by pressing this link. (

20 February 2016

Which is most high paying rate Popads or Revenuehits

by : What's Advertising CEO  |  in Revenue Hits at  8:46 AM
There are millions of bloggers, online entrepreneur, and professional webmasters looking for pop-under ads who guaranteed that, this company pay their publishers into high paying cpm rate.

Today let's talk about PopAds and Revenuehits, Is this two online advertising network familiar in your language in online industry?.

We will find that if,  Who is the most high paying rate adnetworks .

Revenuehits is created last July 10, 2010 while PopAds is also created in the year of 2010 in a month of May 16, both of them is registrar by Enom domain name company. Wow its really amazing that this two millioner company operating online business is terrific in terms of Popunder advertising.

Revenuehits and Popads is the number one adsense alternatives after is not getting higher rate revenue share according their publisher reports.

Now Let's talk about the difference and advantages of this two big mama online advertising company. Revenuehits isn't totally strict for those publisher applicant, After you sign up to become publisher you can publish their ad code immediately to your blog/commercial website.

While Popads is after you sign-up as publisher  you will wait 24hrs for your application to be review but that's not mean your application is approved after you wait 24hrs.

 Popads is checking your content what type of  ads campaign will suitable to your site niche and also your traffic and some other reason

Rates revenue share for publisher of Revenuehits it depends of your targeting content location, The premium high paying country rate are US, CANADA, UK, FRANCE and AUSTRALIA.

 Possible cpm rate of those targeting countries we've mentioned above is $0.40 up to $1.20 it depends of ad clicks, If some researcher has AdBlocked plugins installed normally ads will not show it means no money from that unique views.

Popads is much better according publisher report popads is pay much higher cpm rate in US, UK, CANADA, FRANCE and AUSTRALIA with a premium minimum rate $ 0.60 up to $1.50 according from online reviews.

Difference of minimum payout is totally different, Revenuehits publishers can customize the minimum widraw of the net30 income, you can easily change settings before the monthly period of you net 30 withdrawal, If your earnings this month is $3.00 you can change it minimum of $3.00 you payment withdraw, So that next payment your $3.00 will send to your Paypal account.

Popads has a minimum of $5 pay out, But daily basis if you reach $5.00 today you can withdraw your earnings today, Popads is daily payout as long as you reach minimum $5.00 but if you do have blog or commercial website with a plenty of viewers you can not easily get your earnings.

Revenuehits Recommended Blog Targeting Niche with High cpm rate,

  1. Mobile
  2. Shopping
  3. Dating
  4. Coupons
  5. Travel
  6. Entertainment
  7. Gaming
  8. Software

PopAds High Paying rate Niche Categories organic or direct

  1. Business
  2. Mobile 
  3. Shopping online
  4. Dating
  5. Coupons
  6. Travel
  7. Entertainment
  8. Movies
  9. Gaming
  10. Software

14 January 2016

How much does advertising on 92.3 fm Los Angeles cost?

by : What's Advertising CEO  |  in Radio Advertising Cost at  7:36 AM
Check out How much does possible price tariff ads on 92.3 FM Los Angeles radio advertising cost. Local advertisements in any part of L.A radio station commercial estimated average rate from $250.00 to $1,000.00 per 30 second commercial spot.

Note: Individual radio station rates are not readily available. Our estimates are based on regional averages and may be very inaccurate.

Advertising rate estimates are typically for a 30 second spot. Seasonal factors and volume discounts should also be considered. Contact the radio station's advertising department for an exact quote on their current rates.

In some cases, our estimated rates may be significantly different from the actual current rates, so be sure to get your ad prices from the station before completing your budgeting.

2015 Radio Advertising Average CPM,

Take note: This is not stable pricing list, this is estimated only.
How much does rate a 30 second radio commercial advertising price cost? According past year data records on average cost radio ads campaign price per thousand impression estimated minimum rate of $1.00 – $18.00 compared this year 2015 it’s minimum of $4.00 per thousand impression on targeting loyal daily listeners.

Did you notice that the price almost 400% average rate hike. Marketing benefits of radio advertising Business.

The Most Expensive Cities High CPM | Radio Commercial Advertising Rate.

  • Fredericksburg – $30
  • Trenton’s – $30
  • Philadelphia – $13.00
  • Targeting Age 25-54 Radio CPM minimum of $20 – $50 to $150.

Top 10 0f Most Top 40 U.S. Free Radio Stations

Keep up-to-date on Cision prime ten, including regular listings of the highest 10 newspapers, magazines and broadcast outlets in a particular channel category. This list includes the highest ten online radio stations within the U.S. territory.

Includes prime forty music programming, based on the Arbitron P12+ Cume Estimate.

List of 92.3 fm radio station licensed in Los Angeles California,

  • KRRL (92.3 FM)Genre: Slow Jam and Christian Rock
  • Real (92.3 FM)
  • KFAC (92.3 FM)
  • KKBT (92.3 FM)The Beat
  • KCMG (92.3 FM)Mega
  • KHHT (92.3 FM)Hot

FM Station Real 92.3 Phone Number,

Contact the advertising department at (818) 559-2252 for radio ad prices or more information.

10 January 2016

Propeller Ads CPM Rate

by : What's Advertising CEO  |  in Propeller Ads Review at  8:44 PM

Let's talk about the performance of Profeller Ads CPM rate to your mobile, desktop platform. Latest Ad reviews publishers must provide traffic from premium high cpm rate countries li ke (US)United States, (CA)Canada, (UK)United Kingdom, (AU)Australia, Albania, Algeria, Uganda.

 Bloggers and commercial site owner must create an effective articles, videos and other reviews to engage readers and viewers high conversation rate.

Profellers ad Publishers global average cpm rate $0.30/conversation rate is important to increase revenue. Qualified high paying niche keywords are gaming, movies, entertainment, music, viral and downloads are search keywords most high cpm pop-under ads.

Profeller ads advantage for publishers you can monetize your 404 pages with an on the spot ad — while not pain user expertise. consistent with propellor Ads, it works best on a downloads web site (ebooks, music, apps, wallpapers, movies.)

  • Most active and conversation rate for mobile platform ad banner sizes (300x250)
  • Most active and conversation rate for Desktop platform onclick ads pop under ads

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