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What Admob CPC Rate


Actually AdMob Mobile Advertising did not release any exact ad cpc rate, Based on survey AdMob pay per click is depending advertisers spent budget. Cost Per Click publisher bids from AdMob depend how much advertisers pay for each click.

Admob Fill Rate,

Fill rate = number of delivered ads / number of ad requests 100%, The percentage of ad requests returned with ads for website/applications. Fill rate evaluates the rate at which  publishers has successfully sent and received a request for a full ad impression from ad networks. Which means CPC rate is depend on fill rate equation in measuring time ads display by users.


If your website does have 100,000 impression/day, Mostly Admob fill rate -99.71% website must 80% U.S ad clicks/download viewers. CPC Rate $0.33, Non U.S Traffic CPC Rate between $0.01 to $0.03 ,CTR up to -$0.46 type of banners click through rate , 0.23% for banners and 5.70% for interstitials Ads. The CPC campaign, banner ads earned $9.60 and interstitials earned $1,024.40. Non U.S Traffic 100,000 Impression/day website banner cpm from $1.00 up to $2.00 per day better use also interstitial ads in the same app so that your revenue increase up to $10/day, Take note this is standard rate only, This will change depending on advertiser bid, for advertisers  must select best ad campaign, relevant ad, and target ad effectiveness. Admob is really better in mobile advertising because google is the owner of this company. SiteAdWiki - Advice you may also use MobFox most high paying European advertising rate , MMedia or InMobi in one time display. Mobile Application Advertising is low cost revenue share for developers but if you focus the most high paying countries your not wasting your time your in the right job.


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