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How Much Average advertising cost of Radio Disney Price ADS

What Radio Disney advertising cost tariff? Average advertising cost of Radio Disney ADs Price, Did you know that RadioDisney Company is now on Top of most popular radio station, local, national, and online stream in United States today.
Photo courtesy of Radio Disney

This is estimated average ad rate cost of RADIO DISNEY is $190.00. Let me remind that: Every radio station rates are not readily available in public. Our estimates are based on regional averages advertising markets and may be very inaccurate.

Advertising cost estimate are typically for a 30 second spot.

Seasonal factors and volume discounts should also be considered. Contact the radio station's sales department for an exact quote on their current rates. In some cases, our estimated rates may be significantly different from the actual current rates so be sure to get your ad prices from the station before completing your budgeting.

According to a source RADIO DISNEY ad price tariff is base on CPM or cost per thousand listener
Best 5 RadioDisney advertising benefits why you should advertise this company.

  1. Radio Disney has partnered with iBiquity Digital to broadcast on as many as 60 HD2/HD3 stations nationwide, becoming the first national station on the high-definition AM/FM digital bands.
  2. iBiquity’s HD Radio Digital Network ad sales team, based in New York City, will manage advertising sales on the Radio Disney stations. Radio Disney and the network will also engage in collaborative selling of airtime.
  3. We viewed Radio Disney as still unique in targeting a demo that is nationwide,” Robert Struble, president and CEO of iBiquity, tells Billboard. “HD 2 and HD3 had never had a nationally branded content, and we saw this as a chance to keep this in local markets.”
  4. Struble says Radio Disney quickly grasped the iBiquity pitch, which focused on “kids in cars with moms” and HD Receivers increasingly being installed in new automobiles. HD receivers, which allow broadcasters to digitally broadcast local stations plus two other stations on the same frequency, were installed in 40 percent of all new cars last year, according to iBiquity.
  5. "By working with iBiquity Digital, we expand our distribution footprint onto the FM dial and become more accessible to families looking for music that can be enjoyed by the entire household," Eric Goldstein, vp, Distribution and Consumer Engagement, Radio Disney, said in a statement.


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